Earthquake Felt in Nazareth

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck Virginia this afternoon sending shock waves felt from North Carolina thru New York including the Lehigh Valley.

The earthquake hit Virginia a little before 2PM with the shock wave reaching this area shortly after 2PM. Social Media explodes with reports of surprised residents throughout the area feeling that unfamiliar rumbling under their feet.

Walmart Cashier Steals $4500 from Lower Nazareth Store

A cashier at the Walmrt Supercenter in Lower Nazareth Twp has been accused of stealing over $4,500. According to police Shelly Lee Baker, 51, of Easton, PA performed various false returns and transactions over the period of six months starting in January of this year at the Tire Center which was the department where she…

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Nazareth Man Charged in $450k Heroin Ring

A Nazareth man has been charged for his involvement in a $450,000 heroin ring. Keith Eutsey, 35, is one of four men that have been indicted by a NJ Grand Jury for his involvement in the multi-state drug ring. The ring was said to have operated between December 2009 and March 2010 bringing heroin from…

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Nazareth Man Allegedly Hits Ex-Girlfriend

Omar Saavedra, 23, has been charged after allegedly hitting his ex girlfriend while she held their child. While traveling on Nazareth Pike Saavedra asked his ex girlfriend Gilary Correa, for his rings back. She proceeded to take one off and throw it out the window. Saavedra searched but was unable to find that ring. That’s…

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2011 Nazareth Graduate To Sit On School Board

Jacob Allen, 18, and a 2011 graduate of Nazareth High School has been unanimously appointed to fill a vacant seat in the Nazareth Area School Board. Allen was the only person to express interest after John Marino vacated he seat after moving out of the area required by his seat. Allen has attended every school…

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Nazareth School Board Rejects Drivers Ed Proposal

The Nazareth School Board has unanimously voted to reject the proposal to restore the driver’s education program that was cut due to budget concerns. Last month Superintendent Lesky proposed retoring one of the two positions previously used for the program but since the teachers union wouldnt agree to salary freezes or other cost saving measures…

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Drug Bust At Burger King in Lower Nazareth Twp

Burger King Weed

The Northampton County Drug Task Force has released details of a bust that occurred in the Burger King parking lot in Lower Nazareth Twp.  The bust took place on the eventing of 6/20/2011 when an informant was sold a 1/4 ounce of marijuana by Benjamin Donello of Bushkill Twp. Donlleo, 19, proceeded to drive off…

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