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Earthquake Felt in Nazareth

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck Virginia this afternoon sending shock waves felt from North Carolina thru New York including the Lehigh Valley. The earthquake hit Virginia a little before 2PM with the shock wave reaching this area shortly after 2PM. Social Media explodes with reports of surprised residents throughout the area feeling that unfamiliar rumbling under their feet.

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Drought Warning In Effect

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued a drought warning that includes Northampton County. The warning calls for a voluntary 10%-15% reduction in water use while the drought conditions continue.

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Allentown Man Dies In Route 33 Crash


A 35 year old Allentown man has been killed in a single car crash on Route 33 in Plainfield Twp today. The man identified as John Tsamis was traveling north when his truck went off the right side of the road. He swerved left and made contact with the guardrail which then caused the truck…

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$200k Unclaimed Lottery Ticket Sold at Wind Gap Turkey Hill


A winning lottery ticket worth $200,000 was purchased at Turkey Hill in Wind Gap on Wednesday and it is yet to be claimed. The winning ticket number is 19, 28, 30, 37, and 53. Unfortunately the red Power Ball # 36 would have brought in millions more but was not matched. The winner has 1…

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Carnival Game at Roseto Big Time Draws Reaction


The  carnival game “Alien Attack” that appeared at the annual Roseto Big Time is causing quite a stir. The goal of the game is to shoot dart at the head of a alien in the form of a black man in a suit holding a healthcare bill and wearing a presidential seal. A few carnival…

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North Bangor Fireman Drunk During Accident


The North Bangor Fireman that rolled a fire truck tanker after the Tatamy parade was drunk according to police. Zachary Romano the 20 yr old Upper Mt Bethel resident was found to have a BAC of .16, twice the legal residential limit. Police say Romano brought the alcohol to the parade but they do not…

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Benefits Planned for Family of Luke Hahn

Nearly one month after the tragic death of Luke Hahn and the critical injuries to his father Kraig, the community is once again raising money for the family. Three events are planned for this weekend with a fourth occurring later in August. On Friday night The Scorecard in Wind Gap will be accepting donations at…

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