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Earthquake Felt in Nazareth

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck Virginia this afternoon sending shock waves felt from North Carolina thru New York including the Lehigh Valley. The earthquake hit Virginia a little before 2PM with the shock wave reaching this area shortly after 2PM. Social Media explodes with reports of surprised residents throughout the area feeling that unfamiliar rumbling under their feet.

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Voters Say No to Gracedale Sale


Voters turned out Tuesday and handily denied the sale of Gracedale by a 72% to 28% margin. The landslide was carried on the back of a campaign by families of the residents as well as union employees to keep the facility under county control for at least the next 5 years. The decision doesn’t come…

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Charges Finally Filed For March Beating in Upper Nazareth


Over 6 months after the fact one of the men responsible for the March 1st beating of Devinder Singh have been charged by Upper Nazareth Police. According to the report Devinder Singh left Gurunak Sikh Society Temple in Lower Nazareth, and was followed by another vehicle on Daniels Rd which pulled in front of him…

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Gracedale Resident Turns 110


Gracedale resident and Bethlehem native Beulah Young has recently celebrated her 110th birthday making her the 3rd oldest person in PA. Beulah was born August 18th, 1900 in Bethlehem. She lived through many landmark events in history including the invention of the Model T, the Titanic disaster, WW1, WW2 and more. According to The Gerontology…

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County Sets Open Space Funding Deadline – Nazareth Area Affected


Northampton Co municipalities are running out of time to claim the $900k allocated to open space,the Nazareth area represents over $300k of that total. The Open Space Initiative was developed to fund parks, preserve farmland and generally to maintain open space or recreational space. The first deadline is approaching on September 15th which in when…

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Grucela Seeking Special Committee to Evaluate Gracedale


Rich Grucela has proposed that a special committee review the future of Gracedale in the wake of a 6-2 vote to sell or lease the facility. The Northampton County Council voted on Thursday in favor of seeking possible suitors to sell or lease the 725 bed facility. Grucela, who favors a government run facility, is…

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Additional Detail Released in Upper Nazareth Church Theft


Dennis Solt and his attorney are responding to charges that he stole over $116,000 from the church. Solt, who was charged last week with stealing $116,000 over a 3 year period from the Schoeneck Moravian Church in Upper Nazareth, is stating that he never intended to keep the money. He claims that he was trying…

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