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Weather related news and events for the Nazareth, PA area.

When it Rains it Pours


After many days of unyielding heat, triple digits days in temperature, and and a continually browning landscape, rain has returned to the area. I thought my ears had deceived me when i heard the pattering of rain against the windows and the rolling thunder in the distance. The closest I had heard to that in…

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Spring Has Sprung

After an unrelenting winter spring has finally arrived today. After some of the biggest snow storms in years I think it’s safe to say that most area residents are looking forward to the change. Temps will reach into the 70′s with bright sunshine all weekend. I plan on enjoying this great weather, after my free…

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Rain Soaked Weekend Ahead for the Lehigh Valley

We can’t seem to get the weather to cooperate for more than one weekend lately around here. Last weekend winter finally loosened its grip giving us a beautiful weekend and saying goodbye snow. This weekend however, Mother Nature is back with all her fury. 2-4 inches of rain are expected to fall thru Sunday creating…

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Warm Weather Ahead What Are Your Plans?

In a winter that seemed to drag on forever there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. We are headed for a beautiful sunny weekend with temps in the 50′s. How do you plan on spending this spring-like weekend? Leave your ideas or thoughts below.

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The Snowicane That Wasn’t

It was called many things, Snowicane, Snurricane, and Snowmageddon. After 2 days of steady snow most of the Lehigh Valley is left wondering where this epic storm is? The media and weather services turned the hype machine up to high gear early and often warning of hurricane force winds and 12-24 inches of snow. The…

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Nazareth Area School District Closed 2/26/10

Nazareth along with every other school district in the Lehigh Valley is closed today. Check the full list here.

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Waiting on the "Snowicane"

It’s been snowing for hours throughout the Lehigh Valley with very little to show for it. Schools played it safe closing throughout the region however the roads and sidewalks are only wet and very passable at this point. The forecast is still calling for this storm to take a turn for the worse, but what…

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